We accept the following payment options:

- Pretransfer
- Sofort Banking
- PayPal
- Creditcard (VISA & EUROCARD)


The new safe and economic payment method with TÜV-certificate
sofortü is a new and TÜV-certified online payment method based on internet banking. It hooks into your online banking with your ban and lets you transfer money to us with ease.
This is how „sofortü“ works:
Overview about the individual steps
1st step: „online transfer form“
Please enter your account informations (account holder, account number, routing number) so we can connect with your bank.
After logging in with your bank you will find a pre-completed transfer form:
Amount to be transfered
Text message (customer number, order reference)
2nd step: „legitimation“
Please enter the same as if you were doing regular online banking:
Your account number or online name
Your PIN, (the same you use for online banking)
3rd step: „send transfer“
Please check again if everything is correctly completed. You will be asked to verify your transfer with a valid TAN just as if you were sending money to anyone else. After having confirmed that everything is OK press the button „Überweisung bestätigen und Bestellung abschließen“
What´s „sofortü“?
"sofortü" is a new, innovative payment method with TÜV-certificate and TÜV certified data security. Sofortüberweisung has ben established by Payment Network AG and is in use with almost all webshops in Germany.
Via the secure payment form which cannot be seen by your dealer you can send money from your bank account to your dealer. Your payment is handled immediately and your dealer can ship your goods right after the payment has been completed without further delay.
*remarks in case of misuse
There are no recorded cases of misuse with "sofortü" (TÜV- certified online payment method). Just in case we inform you that banks are likely to argue the fault was on your side if any case of misuse shall occur in the future. Payment Networg AG has insured itself against these cases and will work out a solution with you in case something like this ever happens based on these insurance terms.

Your advantages with sofortü
Fast payment method
Immediate shipping and full benefits/discounts as if payed precash.
Immediately after completing your order you can pay and all is done. You do not have to login with your bank and copy and paste the account data and amount to be transfered.
As secure as online banking
The system hooks into your bank and uses the same data. No additional passwords have to be memorized. If you use online banking you can use sofortü