DOMKE Classic Camera Bags F-5xb Shoulder & Belt Bag (black)

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Color: Black
This is a smal lbut fine DOMKE bag. It fitted our NICON F4, the 85er lens, a medium sized zoom and if we had one available in that moment it would have fitedt an addittionla flash as well.
If anything these bags do the job and the smaller you get them the more often they travel with you.

As photojournalist Jim Domke designed 1976 a camera bag at his kitchen table for him self, perfectly tailored to the needs of a professional journalist. He did not dare to dream that he would set the standard par excellence for a professional camera bag.

The model is being produced unchanged in the US for nearly 40 years and is an indispensable part of the press-conference rooms worldwide. A Domke bag lasts a lifetime. The bag grows patina maybe a little at its corners but that makes the bag even more desirable.

The material is extremely tight and stable American Army linen.

The bottom of each Domke- bag is sturdy and padded.
The inserts are removable. Different inserts can be bought and added for custom use.

Also useable as storage bag for other lenses.

The inserts are removable. Different inserts can be bought and added for custome use.

Alos useable as storagebag for other lenses.