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Bild 1 - ADOX Fibre Baryta Silk (310g) - 21x29,7 (A4) / 25 Sheets

ADOX Fibre Baryta Silk (310g) - 21x29,7 (A4) / 25 Sheets

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Size: 21x29,7 CM (8,26x11,69 INCH)
Sheets: 25
This box contains: 1,56 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)
RADOX FIBRE BARYTA is our original fibre-base from analog photopaper manufacturing (100% alphacelluslose with a bariumsulfate coating) coated with an inkjet receiving layer plus a backside coating to minimize curling behavior.
The bariumsulfate layer underneath the inkjet receiving layer improves the image sharpness, widens the tonal range and optimizes archiving possibilities.

Now you can print onto "real" fibre base paper.

For us it is important to carry this inkjet media next to our traditional photographic papers because if this is consumed in larger quantities it also secures the availability of our fibre base for traditional paper manufacturing.

Printer and Ink Compability:
Desigend for the use of Desktop and LFP-Inkjet printers with water based dye or prigment based inks manufactured by a leading manufacturer.

Weight: 310g/sqm
Opacity: 98%
Paper thickness: 315 micron (12,5 mil)
Tint: (CIE L* a* b*): 97,0 / -0,5 / 0,2