Bild 1 - ADOX LUPEX Silver Chloride Contact Paper - Natural Gloss - 13x18 / 100 Sheets - Gradation: Normal (3)

ADOX LUPEX Silver Chloride Contact Paper - Natural Gloss - 13x18 / 100 Sheets - Gradation: Normal (3)

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Size: 12,7x17,8 CM (5x7 INCH)
Sheets: 100
Surface: Natural Gloss
Paper Grade: Normal (3)
Darkrom Safelight: Red/Orange
Image Tone: Neutral- to Warmtone
Base: Fibre base 255 g
Whites: Bright white
This box contains: 2,26 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)

Lupex is a slow speed contact fibre paper made with a silver chloride emulsion and replaces Kodak Azo or Fomalux.
The speed is about 8 stops lower than MCC but therefore it is extremely finegrained and yields a superior resolution just like your large format negatives.

In contact printing the photographer is working with a stronger lightsource and without an enlarger (the large format film is placed directly on the paper) therefore you can work comfortably with this speed and have just enough time to burn in an dodge.

Emulsion: Silverchloride
Speed: Very low
Resolution: Very high
Grade: Normal (3)
Base: 255 Gramm Fibre Base Baryta
Keeping Properties: From production date (indicated on package) 3 years and longer

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